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ESG & Values

Sullivan Street has always believed that growing company value should never be at the expense of employees, suppliers, the planet, or the values that we hold dear. However, never doing harm is not enough and there are several areas where Sullivan Street strives to create a positive impact across our whole portfolio:


It is a fundamental belief of the founders that people should be treated based on the results they generate and nothing else. Prejudice and discrimination are counterproductive and unhelpful relics of a past we can all do more to put behind us. Every organisation that SSP supports has equality at its heart and the creation of opportunities for all on a fair and just basis.

Respect for the individual

Staff in many companies are under-represented in leadership discussions and decision making, and are often misunderstood or actively disrespected. Sullivan Street believes in the good qualities of people and that everyone deserves respect. Companies that stop listening to staff and go as far as  blaming staff are the ones that end up stagnating and ultimately declining. Sullivan Street believes that a strong connection to staff and placing front line activities at the summit of the organisation structure rather than the base is the right way to operate and also the best commercially.


 Sustainability is inherently commercial. It leads to waste reduction, a better understanding of negative environmental impacts and pollutants, reduction in travel, removal of unnecessary activities, and fulfilment for the teams involved in delivering positive change. Sullivan Street believes that every organisation should be on a path of continuous improvement where impacts on the planet and local communities are mitigated and made into positives.

Personal Development

With one of Sullivan Street’s founders coming from agrammar school education and being the first in his family to go to university we strongly believe in self-improvement and a meritocratic environment in which people are judged on their performance.  In all our companies we encourage managers to work with staff to develop them and to find opportunities to enable growth in skillset, confidence, and achievement.

Core Values