The founders have been close friends for over 25 years and the strength of their partnership not only unites them but also creates a connection between operations and transactions, different from every other private equity firm, which is inextricable from every aspect of origination, risk management, capital structuring and investment. We are both accountable for every aspect, at the highest level, to our investors and our companies, and our hunger for learning and improving makes us quick to hold ourselves accountable, believing only in that honesty accountability do we find improvement for the next investment.

Layton Tamberlin

Layton believes that the pursuit of long-term investment returns is compatible with responsible stewardship of business and responsible corporate citizenship. He has 17 years experience as an investor, the first 7 years of which was spent in more traditional Private Equity learning core skills at large cap PE firm TDR Capital and the latter half making the investment decisions and working with smaller UK businesses at Sullivan Street, implementing some of the skills learning in taking the lead driving investments and businesses, as well as experiencing operations and truly working with management for the first time. In this time he has invested in, and served as a Director for, companies with values of £1m to £5bn and seen the benefits of driven ownership and the pitfalls in the market of financial machinations, short-term stewardship and governance.
Layton read Mathematics & Philosophy at Keble College, Oxford, and this way of thinking shapes his approach to business today. Analytical with respect to investment opportunities, he is logical and principled in terms of representing the various stakeholders in the businesses in which Sullivan Street is involved.
Layton has an autistic brother living permanently in care, and has seen first hand a sector where the role of the corporate has needed to become stronger and more responsible as the role of governments has receded. As this trend continues in every sector with globalization eroding the power of individuals and national bodies, Layton believes it is essential that companies step into the void in a responsible manner.
Layton relishes a challenge and any complexity presented by transactions in front of him – he is impatient and intolerant with half-measures and believes every problem to have a solution.

Richard Sanders

Richard believes in performance improvement. Not in some abstract way or in the sense of a discrete project, but in the continuous drive to improve how businesses operate. Personally affronted by waste – waste of time, waste of resources, waste of people, Richard has strived, both at Sullivan Street and in interim operational roles at Private Equity-backed companies, to eliminate this waste and ensure the effort of employees and businesses translates most effectively into visible results.
Richard read Physics at Keble College, Oxford and Manufacturing & Management at Cambridge and brings that combination of intellectual and practical rigour to his work with our businesses. He has 7 years of strategy consulting experience with Bain and Burlington alongside over 13 years in operational roles, and Richard sees all strategy through the prism of practical operational actions.
Before founding Sullivan Street Richard was Group Strategy Director for the John Lewis Partnership, which gave him an insight into, and appetite for, expanded employee engagement and ownership as part of a more forward-looking corporate citizenship.