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Celsus Group

Celsus Group is a leading provider of medical services to the UK primary and secondary care sectors.

About Celsus Group

Founded in 2008, the business provides locum doctors and nurses to healthcare providers including GP surgeries, hospitals, urgent treatment centres, telemedicine providers, and to a lesser extent, non-healthcare providers such as prisons and the MoD. The Celsus Group is formed of Medical Staffing, Key Medical Services, 111 Lifeline and TNA Medical.

Sullivan Street has helped Celsus Group:
  • Recruit a top tier management team
  • Invest in and implement new IT and telephony systems
  • Navigate the highly disrupted COVID period
  • Implement operational improvements that give the business a platform for growth
The Opportunity

Sullivan Street had long been attracted to the healthcare and medical services space. The labour shortage and increasing demand for medical professionals necessitate the need for locum staffing and the fragmented nature of the industry provided a significant opportunity for value creation through bolt-on acquisitions. As one of the market leaders, Celsus is a well-positioned platform to capitalise on these dynamics. Despite being a market leader Celsus historically had little focus on key areas such as business development as well as several years of underinvestment in key business systems and functions including IT and compliance. Given this, it was clear there were several opportunities to grow the business and improve performance.




Complex buyout


Medical Services


Bedfordshire, UK

Investment Date

March 2020